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I am not as good at writing as Becca, as I write this I am also Googling, ‘is Grammarly premium worth it’ and apparently it is but I’m too cheap to buy it. So if there are some comma splices in this post then let it slide because I’ve probably spent three hours on this.

Despite what common culture tells us about men, I love kids. I’d much rather play with blocks, hide-n-seek, or play video games with kids than talk about the weather or how the Phillies blew the game. At home, I will climb up to the attic to get MY craft box so we can color or paint.

Smash cut to 2020… we have been approved to foster/adopt, and have tried to imbed ourselves into the community while we wait for our call. For now, our future child’s room sits idle while Becca tries to read every parenting book and I hone my LEGO skills. Although Becca thinks I am a robot that lacks human emotion I am eagerly waiting for my time to be a Dad.

Ok byeeeeeee.


My editor (aka Beej) told me I need to add a blurb about why I want to adopt, and she specifically said I can’t say that it’s because I’m better than other people.


Here's just a taste of my artwork from our wedding day.


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